Investigative reporting

Queasy Rider

Southwest Champaign Subdivisions Pose Potential Threats to Residents

The Trail Blazers want you to Imagine ‘Jumptown’ (Picked up by the Portland Mercury)

The Reality of Retaliatory Eviction (Part 2)

The Reality of Retaliatory Eviction (Part 1)

In Hard Times, Some Try to Make a Buck off the Desperate

Landlord-tenant problems escalate in down economy

Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite

Neighborhood and community reporting

Smoke and Fire

Club Twelve 22 Hits Reset

The Last ‘Last Thursday’?

Portlanders Threaten Lawsuit Over Wireless Structure

Wireless Antenna Draws Heat

Cannabis Cafe Reopens on 82nd Avenue

Friends of Trees helps neighbors turn a new leaf

Gates Open for Rebirth in Murals

Government and political reporting

Lenders bypass foreclosure mediation law

Cornett’s Claim on Diversity Bill Challenged (Picked up by the Portland Mercury, Willamette Week,, The Oregonian)

Lawmakers Lock out Third Parties

Shining a Light on Prisons

Fired up Again

Congressional Cycle

Predatory Towing Law Stalls

Advocates want benefits if Rose Quarter developed

State Senator Wants Warning Labels on Cell Phones (Picked up by The Washington Post)

Will Pot Legalization Initiative be a Buzz Kill?

Frederick Appointed State Rep

Mortgage Help Gets Bogged Down

Accessing your vote: Legislation may mean more access to voting in Oregon

Carter Moves on, Successor Unclear

Wisconsin Governor backs down on recycling cuts

National e-scrap bill talk of the industry

Vermont EPR bill dies

Bottle bill headed for update

Lawsuit challenges bag ban efforts

Iowa lawmaker: Oregon could learn from us

Environmental and business reporting

Savior or Bait-and-Switch?

Tailpipe Shudders

Not Enough: CRC Opponents not Backing Down&

Greenway Trail Could be Coming to North Portland

A clash over cuttings


MA close to bottle bill update?

Two takes on cola collection

In Brazil, ‘recycling has become famous”

Law and disorder

Ill Equipped

Deadly Rampage Stuns City

Road Rage Cops may have to Undergo Anger Management (Picked up by The Oregonian)

Yam Yam’s Owner Denies Wrongdoing, Says he’s Staying Open

Police Critics See Window of Opportunity for Reform

Human Rights Commission Weighs in on Humphreys Incident (Picked up by the Portland Mercury)

Social reporting

Vanport: Portland’s Katrina

All American Squatters

Lacking Lawyers

Where are Jamie and Ubaldo?

Homeless Newspapers Head Uptown

State of Hate

Green Economy or Green Divide?

Cutting Edge Displacement?

Doom and gloom interviews

Film: Wireless technology endangers our health

Film Predicts Massive Economic Collapse


The New Bully Pulpit

Three R’s and Some Ass Kicking

Military-Funded Program Draws Fire

Jefferson to Keep Temporary Principal

Jefferson Supporters Draw a Line in the Sand

Marshall, Benson Supporters Push Back Against High School Overhaul

Larivier’s Pitch

Faith collides with Oregon law

Book reviews

Gender, Race and Welfare


Interviews with Portland Mercury News Editor Matt Davis and medical researcher Fred Miller

Interviews with neighborhood activist Jeri Sundvall-Williams and Multnomah County Commission candidate Loretta Smith.

Interview with Dvija Michael Bertish Director of Environment and Conservation Rosemere Neighborhood about a landmark environmental justice case he was involved in.


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  1. says:

    Inspiring and impressive stories, especially the investigative pieces.

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